Tuition & Policies

COVID-19 Precautions

Lessons will be offered both in-person and virtually via Skype or Zoom for the 2021 Fall semester. Both student and teacher will wear masks for the time-being and the student will use hand sanitizer before beginning their lesson.

Lesson Duration Options

Arrival Time

Be punctual. Students should arrive ONLY 3-5 minutes before the lesson or be on time. I aim to provide everyone with quality and well-deserved lesson time. When able, I will schedule extra time between lessons to avoid ongoing    lessons being interrupted; however, this is not always possible and I ask every student to respect the privacy of one another. Students are responsible for their lateness and all lessons end at the schedule time.


Payments are due in full by the FIRST lesson of each month. If the payment is not received by the 2nd lesson of the month, a late fee of $10 per student per lesson will be assessed. If payment is not received by the 3rd lesson of the month, a late fee of $15 per student per lesson will be assessed. I accept cash, checks, Zelle, Paypal, or Venmo. All tuition and fees are non-refundable.

For accompaniment services, full payment is due on the first rehearsal.

Cancellations and Makeups

If you need to cancel a lesson, call, text, or email me at least 24 hours in advance of your lessons start time. If you decide to discontinue classes partway through a semester, notice must be given one month in advance.

Make-up Lessons

I do my best to accommodate requests to reschedule lessons, but I cannot guarantee availability. Make-up lessons must be completed within four weeks of the originally scheduled lesson. Make-ups are not granted for no-shows, so remember to notify me in advance of your absence to receive make-up credit. Once a make-up lesson is scheduled, it cannot be rescheduled again. If a student is sick, please contact me to reschedule the lesson. There will be no refunds if a student misses a lesson without providing any prior notice, regardless of the situation. Students will receive a make-up lesson for any teacher absences.

Termination of Lessons

Students must give notice at least one month before terminating their lessons.


Performance is part of the learning experience. There are two annual recitals: the Spring semester recital and the Winter semester recital. I strongly encourage all students to participate in or attend both recitals. Families should plan to attend the recital for its full duration. A student recital fee of $25 per student will be assessed once each Spring and Fall semester.

Examinations and Competition

School talent shows and other performance opportunities are not required but are strongly recommended but. Other activities, including certificate programs, examinations, and competitions will be recommended as I feel your child (or you) is ready and sufficiently motivated to achieve a positive outcome.


All students are encouraged and expected to practice on a daily basis. The amount of practice time may vary based on age and the teacher’s discretion. I expect all my students to be prepared for their lessons and I will ask the student to change teachers if the student consistently uses our weekly lesson time for practicing the previous lesson’s assigned work throughout a whole semester (or 6-month period).

Summer and Winter Breaks

I recommend that students take between four and six lessons during the summer. This provides a nice head start before the start of the Fall semester and helps them retain skills they had developed throughout the Spring semester. I am usually gone for part of the time and students also travel. Students who choose to discontinue lessons for the entire summer break period can not be guaranteed their lesson time spot in following Fall semester.

Student Equipment

Students should have access to a full-size piano at home. Acoustic and digital pianos are both acceptable, but must have 88 weighted keys, pedal(s) and a bench for the correct seating height.

Student Responsibilities

Students must give notice at least one month before terminating their lessons.

Parent Responsibilities


Lisa Chang's Music Studio is not responsible for any bodily injuries at the studio or for any personal belongings that are left at the studio. I agree to allow Lisa Chang Music Studio to take photographs, videos, and/or recordings of me or my child during lessons, recitals, or other events for archival purposes and for promotional use that may also be displayed on the website.